Experience can’t be bought.  It’s something you acquire after years of hard work.  70 years of hard work is what our family business has.  1932- to date!

As well as our instructors and Principals being highly qualified in their chosen field of dance, they also have a huge array of other credits and experience to their names.  These add to the quality of the service we can provide.

Here is a selection of our achievements and experience:

Mavis Whiteside

Mavis was brought up in a dance family and has always been involved in the running of a family business.  Her qualifications are unrivaled in the UK!  She has Fellowship Qualifications in ALL styles of dance - both Ballroom Faculty and Theatre faculty and is an examiner in all subjects - both ameuter and professional examinations.  She was undefeated British Old Time Champion, work with the famous Walter Laird on the original Latin theory glossary currently she is the Chairman of the Theatre Branch of the NCDTA.  She has also won three Carl Alan Awards. There is so much more to write - please see the section on history!

Michael Conway

As well as being a Fellow and Examiner in Dance, he is a qualified Marine Engineer.  He designed and built ships for P&O throughout the world, and has lived in Japan and the USA.  This type of business and technical knowledge is invaluable when running a successful business and representing dance interests in the UK.  At present he is the Representative on the British Dance Council Board of Directors for the NCDTA, and has been the President of NCDTA 10 times . .  and maybe more to come?

Hayley Conway

Hayley has worked for over 10 years as a professional choreographer for many TV companies such as BBC, ITV, SKY TV.   She runs her own successful business - Encore Dance Entertainment Group.  The group works throughout the UK with many companies, charities and individuals providing dancers and entertainment for their functions.  Upon leaving school Hayley studied for her professional dance examinations during the evening, and during the day studied Business and Finance.  Later, she went on to work in Marketing, Advertising and PR.  Her business knowledge and experience is essential to Newcastle Dance Centre.  She is also a Carl Alan Award winner.

Our Instructors

As well as their dance qualifications, our instructors have a wide range of professional qualifications which are none dance related.  These academic achievements and work place experience make them invaluable to our business and pupils.  These include experience in many business sectors such as Training, Law, Banking, Computers and IT, Human Resources.  They also have experience in teaching, travel and tourism, music & entertainment.  We firmly believe that this diversity and experience adds to the expertise of our team.