Dear Parents and Guardians

So here we are again!  Another lockdown and more worry for us all.

From Thursday 5th November 2020, NDC will be moving our whole operation online until .  This is due to new advice from the UK Government regarding the suppression of the current coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19.

As a family business this is once again devastating for the three of us, our pupils, staff and wider NDC community.  We know that the pupils physical and mental health is helped greatly by being at NDC, and this is something we hope to continue… just online!


None of us particularly like working via Zoom, but during these times it is a necessity to keep us going and to keep our business viable for when we hopefully return. 


We will be keeping our classes going at the same times, same days and with the same teachers.  Continuity and consistency are essential and also the pupils progression. Our staff will be focused on retaining our high standards and quality of work even though the pupils won’t be in the studio. We will be setting some challenges throughout the four-week period, so to mix things up a bit too.


So now, the curtain falls once again and the studio falls quiet.  But one positive thought for us all… we did it for five months, we can do it for four weeks!!


We can’t begin to thank you for your support.  Your messages and emails are so important and uplifting to our team.

This is such a scary time.  Three generations of our family rely solely on NDC and this has proudly been the case since 1931.  We must try and keep going so we are here for another 90 years!  Like many families up and down the country this disruption will cause major problems and that is true for us and our staff and pupils. 


Hopefully by December we will be back in the studio where we can spread our wings once again.

Our very best wishes to you and your families.

Michael, Mavis and Hayley
NDC Family