Toddler and Parent Dance

This session is the first steps into the world of dance, with mum, dad, or any adult for that matter, by their side!*

Children love to move to music and this class certainly stimulates and encourages that desire. 

At this age, little ones take on board new information and learn new skills at an astounding rate!  This class will incorporate basic dance steps and movement through expression, develop their personality while building their balance and range of movement (Gross motor skills), speech and social skills.

Children are encouraged to move freely, while exploring space, rhythm and dynamics and of course with an adult dancing with them for reassurance. 

There is no limit to a child’s imagination, only an adults limitation . . . we encourage the children to explore and express themselves!

* (We ask that only one adult participates in the class per child)



£6.00 per child (includes one adult)

 Children must be able to walk quite confidently and a parent must participate in the class alongside the pupil.


Please register interest in this class prior to attending.