Class & Lesson Procedures


We are delighted to be able to open for classes once again and thank you for your cooperation! 

12th April 2021 for childrens classes and 1-2-1 lessons

17th May 2021 for adult classes

If a pupil, family member or someone the pupil has been in contact with is feeling poorly or has symptoms of COVID -19  or a positive test  DO NOT ATTEND NDC.  Please follow the UK Government guidelines regarding isolation and testing.

Here are the procedures we have in place for the protection of us all:


  • Please arrive at the correct time for your class or lesson.  If you arrive early, please stay in your car or at the roadside of the car park.  This is to prevent congestion.  Class arrival times are on the timetable.
  • At your arrival time, go to the entrance specific to your class.  There are two entrances for classes. Only one parent per child is to approach the building. The reception entrance is not for pupils, unless specified. 
  • Please use the barriers for queuing and please do not stand in the car park.
  • Anyone 12 years or over MUST wear a face covering in all communal areas.  This can be removed once in the studio.
  • Anyone who is not booked onto the class will not be allowed access to NDC.
  • Pupils should only bring one small bag containing their dance shoes, water bottle and any essential medication such as inhalers.  Adult pupils can also have essential personal items such as car keys, purse/wallet and a telephone.  However, we ask that all of these remain in their bag.  
  • 70% – 80% Alcohol hand gel will then be used by all pupils and then they will have access to NDC.  All dispensers are automatic, so no contact is required.
  • No parents can access the building unless collecting uniform or paying fees at Reception.  This must be done in a socially distanced manner and a face covering MUST be worn.
  • We ask that parents leave as swiftly as possible to aid the flow of pupils.  Any questions for staff should be directed to our admin team and senior staff, they will be on hand to answer questions via the reception intercom, email or telephone.
  • As pupils enter, they will walk through a sanitising foot mat.  They will dry their shoes on the next mat.  DO NOT ARRIVE IN DANCE SHOES.
  • Pupils will then proceed to the studio and use hand gel as they enter the room.  
  • The entry doors will be closed at the end of the allotted arrival time and no one else will be admitted to the building via this route.
  • If a pupil is late and the entry doors are closed, please go to the Reception door and use the intercom.

Once in a lesson:

  • All studios will be well ventilated and have been cleaned prior to the class.  Classroom doors will remain open where safe to do so and in accordance with Child Protection.
  • Anyone entering or exiting a room must use hand gel from the automatic dispensers at the doors.
  • Pupils will sit in their allocated space and change their shoes.  Outdoor shoes are then placed in the pupil’s bag and stored in their area to the side of the studio or on a hook in the corridor.
  • The class will then take place as normal, but with as much social distancing in place as possible.  Please note that due to the nature of dance classes, pupils cannot remain in one space as they need to travel around the studio.  Therefore, if one person within the class tests positive for Covid-19 the remainder of the class will have to isolate for 10 days. A test should be taken if they then develop symptoms.  This is in accordance with Public Health guidance.  The class/pupils concerned will then be offered class/es on Zoom until they return.
  • If a pupil needs to visit the washrooms they can, but this will be one at a time.  
  • They will be reminded of good hygiene and asked to wash their hands or use alcohol gel.
  • The pupils will be prompted to have water breaks from their own bottle. Please make sure this is filled before coming to NDC.
  • Once the lesson is finished pupils will change back into outdoor shoes and collect their bag.  
  • Relevant pupils will then wear their face covering to leave.
  • Pupils will be escorted to the exit door to leave or meet parents/guardians.

Exit Procedure:

  • Parents/guardians/family should return to NDC at their designated collection time but remain in cars or clear of the exits/entrances until their collection time.  Please be prompt.
  • When it is time to exit, collecting adults should queue in our designated areas and use the barriers.  
  • Pupils will be brought to the exit door (please note this may be different to the arrival door) and exit should be swift please. 
  • Older junior/senior pupils will be permitted to leave on their own if parents have agreed or if parents are waiting in cars.  All ‘Little’ and Infant class pupils must be collected by an adult from the doors.
  • Hand gel should be used when leaving NDC.
  • Uniform or any clothing that has been worn for class should be washed in the usual way after a dance session.

Things to consider for parents of pupils:

We are kindly asking parents and guardians to prepare their children for the change in routine and explain what will be happening.  Children are normally open to change when they know what is happening and why.  We want the pupils to be excited to return, have a fun time and love getting back to dance!

These are the things to mention:

  • Our staff will be wearing a face mask.
  • Explain why parents/guardians have to remain outside of the building.  Just like school.
  • If first aid is required, staff will wear a face mask and gloves to treat the pupil.
  • NDC has set aside an ‘isolation room’ should a pupil become unwell while at NDC.  PPE and relevant items are present in the room.  Parents or next of kin will be contacted immediately and asked to return to NDC to collect the pupil.  Staff will remain with the pupil until collection. 
  • Please re-enforce why NDC staff are keeping a safe distance from pupils, and why pupils should do the same.
  • Hand hygiene is essential, and the way we will prevent infection, along with social distancing measures.

Additional Parents/Pupil information:

Your Personal Data

We have always collected pupils and where relevant parent’s details for our records.  We take the handling of your data extremely seriously and are bound by GDPR and are members of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).  In these unprecedented times, we are also asked by the UK Government to keep records for ‘Track and Trace’ purposes, should they be needed.  Please see our separate document for our policy and transparency. 

Uniform and Shoes

NDC uniform should be worn for children’s class if possible, but only one style.  

It is not necessary to change into class specific uniform at the moment.  However, everyone must wear dance shoes for all classes.  If your child or the pupil has outgrown their dance shoes or needs a specific new style of shoe, please use our new website to order items.  All NDC branded Black and Blue Uniform is in stock, as well as jumpers, jackets, bags, hair accessories and water bottles.

Adult pupils: please bring a clean pair of shoes for your lesson or class.

Remaining at NDC and Parking

Unfortunately, at present, we cannot allow any parents/guardians access to the building during classes.   However, if a parent/guardian has arrived on public transport and wishes to remain on site, we can allow a small number to sit on the wall at the front of NDC.  However, please use social distancing and common sense.  There are shops at the top of Grainger Park Road if parents wish to take a walk while their child is in class.   

We ask that parents/pupils arriving in cars please park in a sensible manner and exit the car park as soon as the pupil is in class.  This is to allow the next class/parents to enter or pupils to leave.  If the car park is full, please use the surrounding streets in a responsible and courteous manner.  Please do not remain in your car in the NDC car park while the classes are underway.  

Finally, please read our Risk Assessment thoroughly.  It gives you all the steps we are taking to keep our pupils and staff as safe as possible.  All we can do is try to keep NDC Covid-19 safe, it is a team effort between ourselves and our pupils.  We ask you to be patient and understand that these rules and regulations are to facilitate us remaining open and to keep pupils, families and our staff as safe as possible.  

If you have any further questions please get in touch via email.