We have many classes available for adults in a range of dance and fitness styles. Our classes are based on having fun as well as keeping fit. So whether you want six lessons to get you around the floor at a wedding or to fulfill a childhood ambition to tap dance, we can accommodate you! 

Please remember all styles of dance can also be taken in Individual Tuition sessions.  Please see the separate page for more information on these types of lessons.


Adults Dancing Exercise

Adult Dance Exercise

A new adult dance exercise class designed to get your body moving without the stress of learning complicated routines! 

Mature Woman Ballet


The Classsic form of dance where technique, control, balance, poise and suppleness are paramount. Ballet is foundation of all dance!

Adults Salsa

Strictly Come Dancing​

Following the success of the television programme, we offer you the opportunity to follow in your favourite celebrities footsteps.



Talking with your feet!
A fun style where the feet and ankles are the focus – beats and rhythmic tones are created with the tap shoes.

Singing Man

Vocal Training

One-to-one vocal lessons are preferable when developing an individual’s voice or for an absolute beginner. 

Public Speaking

Public Speaking and Elocution​

Our experienced instructor will work on a 1-2-1 basis with you specifically for your needs.