Toddler & 3+ Little Classes

We think that dance should start from an early age in a fun and nurturing environment. 

We take girls and boys from walking to 3 years in our Parent & Toddler Class and then 3-5 years join our ‘Little Class’ system.

In our Toddler Class parents accompany their child and dance along together, supporting their child and enjoying the special time together.  Our 3+ classes are for the slightly older pupils, who attend without parental support. This encourages independence and is a perfect stepping stone for school. 

All our classes are conducted in a well structured yet relaxed atmosphere, where the children are allowed to express themselves while enjoying a set dance class. There is also the opportunity for pupils aged 3+ to take informal assessments with the NCDTA Examination Board and receive a certificate and ‘Teddy’ trophy.

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'Introduction To Dance'

‘Introduction to Dance’ is a specially designed programme for boys and girls from walking to 5 years old. Ballet, Tap and Creative movement.

Little Strictly

This class will take the children through the basics of Ballroom, Latin American and Classical Sequence styles.

Little Performing Arts

Children who love to sing, act and perform will love this class.  This is perfect for confidence and speech development.


A fun and lively class which is suitable for boys and girls.  Children are encouraged to ‘let themselves go’ whilst enjoying the latest tunes!