Junior / Senior

We offer classes in many styles of dance and theatre to junior and senior age pupils. (Normally age 10-17 years)

Our classes are based on the syllabus of the Northern Counties Dance Teachers Association and the International Dance Teachers Association. Examinations can be taken in all subjects.  We also run classes purely for fun and fitness such as Hip Hop and Contemporary.

No two youngsters are the same, so we have a unique option of ‘pick and mix’ style classes.

Pupils can choose any combination of classes to create their perfect timetable.  For example, a pupil may prefer lively styles such as Musical Theatre, Hip Hop and Disco,  where the next pupil may prefer Ballet and Ballroom.  Our large team of teachers and our eight studios, all under one roof, enables us the offer this unique service.

If you are confused about our timetable or have a specific request – We can put together the perfect timetable specifically for your child incorporating Dance and Performing Arts – just give us a call



The classic form of dance where technique, control, balance, poise and suppleness are paramount. Ballet is the foundation of all dance. Pointe is also included from a senior level


The classic couples dance. Includes Waltz, Quickstep, Tango, and Foxtrot. Children dance with the instructors during their classes, and can take examinations in the I.D.T.A. Ltd.


This is a modern dance style which originated in the 1970’s.  It is a free moving and fun dance which is great exercise!  It is energetic and performed to modern pop music.  Our disco classes also include Hip Hop

Hip Hop / Street

Cool, funky tunes and cool funky moves!!! Dance like your favourite R&B Stars.

latin and ballroom dancer


Danced with a partner (normally the instructor), however it can also be danced solo.  Dances include Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba and Jive.  It’s great fun and includes diverse speed and moods of music.

Lyrical Slow Dance

It is a fusion of jazz, ballet and freestyle, performed to ballads and classical music.   Pupils are required to be reasonably flexible and have excellent musicality and feeling.  A very stylish and dramatic style of dance!

Performing Arts

The classes are for all abilities, however a very basic knowledge of dance is a slight advantage. Group singing, acting and dance are taught. Routines are developed from ‘Broadway’ and ‘West End’ shows and musicals such as Annie, Wicked and Bugsy.

Speech & Drama

One-to-one vocal lessons are preferable when developing an individual’s voice or for an absolute beginner.

Stage Jazz

‘West End’ and ‘Broadway’ style dance!  It is performed to many styles of music such as jazz and musical theatre.  Technique and discipline are a must and are applied to the varying themes of this dance style.


Talking with your feet!

A fun style where the feet and ankles are the focus – beats and rhythmic tones are created with the tap shoes.

Vocal Training

One-to-one vocal lessons are preferable when developing an individual’s voice or for an absolute beginner. The experienced instructor will take the pupil through the techniques of breathing and give you exercises to develop, and find, your vocal range.

Workout Class

Work out is COMPULSORY for pupils taking Stage/Jazz, Ballet and Freestyle class.  This is due to the demands on the body and the range of movement required for these styles.



Performers Class

A special class which pupils can only join by invitation.  It is offered to NDC pupils who are excelling in their training, attitude and performance.  This is an opportunity to work towards joining Encore Dance Entertainment and experience semi-professional work and performance experiences.


Encore Dance Entertainment Group​

Encore is the sister company to NDC.  It supplies performers to business, events and entertainment throughout the North East .  NDC pupils are encouraged to strive to join this group and experience the world of entertainment and dance.