Don’t leave your dance to chance!

Are you getting married or entering into a civil partnership?

Join the ever-increasing number of couples who are having their first dance specially choreographed just for them.

Do you have a special song?  We can choreograph your dance to that or make music recommendations which will reflect your personalities and suit your partnership.  We can also edit music together to make a special track just for you.   From MC Hammer to 70s Disco or Dirty Dancing to Queen… we have it covered!

Or if you would prefer something low key, come along and have a few lessons just to get you around the dance floor. We have years of experience in helping couples to make their day extra special and unique to them.

Lessons are priced at £40.00 per couple, per hour.  See notes below for additional couple costs.

Send us an email to discuss your requirements and to book an appointment.  To get you started please see our FAQ below…

Ask us anything… here are some FAQ

What is the cost of a lesson: £40.00 per hour, per couple.

Additional couples at a cost of £10.00 per hour, per couple.  Maximum of 6 couples.

How do I pay: The first lesson is paid in advance via Card or Stripe.  Once the sessions are underway pupils can pay in cash or card on the day of the lesson, or a block booking in advance via Stripe or Bank Transfer.  

What is the cancellation policy: 48 hours is required to cancel a session, or the session will be have to be paid for or credit is void.

Duration of lessons:   Normal 1 hour but can be less or more.  We suggest no longer than an hour at a time when learning a dance or a routine.

Where are lessons:   Newcastle Dance Centre, 36-38 Grainger Park Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 8RY

Is there parking at the studio:  Yes we have our own free car park

How long does it take to learn a wedding dance:  It depends on what each couple wants to do, and their experience.  Normally 6-8 hours of lessons.

How many lessons per week can I have:  As many as you like, or that we can fit in.

Which days & when can I have my lesson:  Any time the instructor is available.  Monday – Friday and some Sundays.  Lessons are always subject to studio and instructor availability.

What do I /we wear:   Comfortable clothing and shoes which are similar to your wedding shoes.

Will we be in a private room:  Yes

Can we have a rehearsal at the wedding venue:  Yes as long as it is not more than 10 miles outside of Newcastle.  An additional charge of £10.00 is added to the normal 1 hour lesson fee.  So £50.00 per hour for the venue rehearsal.

Will you help us choose music:  Yes if you would like us to.

Do you accept same sex couples: Yes, you shouldn’t have to ask!

Can you edit music for us:  Yes and we can mix music too.

Can you do a group dance for family and friends too:  Yes, not a problem. We love a challenge!  Please refer to costs above.