Our 'Little' Classes explained

Our Parent & Toddler and ‘little classes’ are specially designed by us to begin a child’s dance and performing arts journey the right way.  From walking, girls and boys can enjoy these specially designed programmes, all with fun and a sound foundation in dance in mind.

We teach children in an informal yet structured environment, where play, imagination, and fun sit alongside correct dance technique, development of balance, mobility and confidence.

The Parent & Toddler class is the first step on the dance journey at NDC.  Parents or guardians attend with their son or daughter to support and encourage, whilst enjoying the session together.  A little of everything is taught in the class including, musicality, basics of dance, general movement, balance, play through movement and imagination.

Children in our ‘Little’ classes (3+ years) attend without parents and guardians in the room and are strongly supported physically and emotionally by our teachers and assistants.  We find that this works incredibly well and not only helps children focus, it also also prepares them for school and other environments where they have to be ‘big girls and boys’. 

During this time we start to encourage the children to be resilient learners.  This includes little tasks like taking personal responsibility for their belongings, spatial awareness, care and respect for each others and of course to always try their best!  All important aspects of educating the whole child.

In all our ‘Little’ classes, pupils have the option to take an informal assessment with the NCDTA examination board and receive a certificate and trophy.  There are three levels of assessments for each class Award 1,2 and 3 and then the final Graduation Award.


The Classes…

‘Intro to Dance’

This is the general dance class for children walking-5 years old where we focus on the basics of Ballet, Tap and creative movement.  As the children progress through this programme they are slowly taught the technique of Ballet and Tap always with an eye on fun. 

When they are ready, our teachers move onto our ‘Progression Class’ which is the next step before joining our Infant classes, which start from school Year 1. (See further down this page for more details).


‘Little Freestyle’

Is an energetic and lively class, which is both active and lots of fun!  Pupils dance to pop tunes and learn styles such as Street, Bollywood, pop dance and more.


‘Little Strictly’

Pupils cover the basics of Ballroom, Latin and Classical.  They learn basic footwork, hip action, arm movements and the styles of the various dances like Waltz, Cha Cha Cha, Salsa, Two Step, Tango and so on.


‘Little Performing Arts’

This class incorporates singing, acting and the basic principles of drama.  This is not a dance class but sits alongside and compliments the other ‘Little’ Dance styles we offer.

Progression Class

The ‘Progression Class’ is the next step after ‘Intro to Dance’ and we designed it to support the pupils and assist with the jump from ‘Little’ Classes to Infant class.  

For children, the jump from the fun and relaxed atmosphere of our ‘Little’ class programme to the Infant level is huge and sometimes daunting.  

In the ‘Little’ classes it is a much more relaxed atmosphere and strongly supported by the teacher.  Pupils learn approximately 10 minutes of each style of dance and then they move onto the next styles.  It is a fast and interesting turn around for young pupils.

In the infant level, children are expected to:

* concentrate on 30 minutes of each subject (ballet, tap and so on)

* perform without prompting from a teacher

* learn more complicated technique and sequences of dance

* be responsible for their own shoes and uniform

The styles of dance covered in the Progression Class are: Ballet, Tap and Modern Stage.  The teaching staff introduce the class to the requirements of the infant level in a gentle and progressive way.  The first Infant awards and examinations will be taken from this progression class if the pupils are ready.

All pupils will be with children their own age or those who have progressed quickly through the ‘Little’ syllabus.

As soon as the teacher thinks the class (or majority) are ready for the jump to 30 minutes individual Infant classes, parents will be notified.  We will move the whole class together.

Once the pupils move, they will have a new timetable and options of class to choose from.  It is such an exciting time for us all!