What is Ballet?

Ballet is the foundation of all dance. 

It is a technical style that originated in the 15th century in Italy and its current form in 18th Century. 

Its popularity is due to its elegance, discipline and health benefits.  It engages the whole body and focuses mind.  It is one of the most popular styles due to its foundation in all dance. 

At NDC, we encourage children to take ballet class from the youngest age as it promotes balance, strength, suppleness and a full range of movement. 

Ballet is also popular with adults wishing to use the style for exercise and focus from their busy lives.  It assists with whole body fitness, strength and a full range of movement.

All pupils can take examinations in Ballet if they wish.  Children are encouraged to follow the grade exam system to further their dance education, but adults can enjoy the style purely for the physical and mental health benefits… and fun!

We ask all pupils to wear ballet shoes in class, which we can order.