About our Strictly Courses...

Our Strictly courses are designed to teach four Ballroom and four Latin American dances. 

The first course, or beginners course, covers the dances to a very basic level and is an introduction to these styles of dance.  And rest assured all participants will be beginners.  So, no need to worry about that!








Cha Cha Cha



We welcome couples, or solos dancers, of all ages and genders.  If you are attending with a friend one of you could take the lead or ‘mans’ steps and the other the follow or ‘ladies’ steps.  Or you can both learn all steps, it’s up to you. 

Each month we teach two new dances, so you can join at the beginning of a month.  After the first course, which normally lasts 10-15 weeks (depending on how long the term lasts) you will have learnt the basics of eight dances.  

This course would progress onto our next course which we call ‘Improvers’.  This course is not advanced, but the participants do have basic knowledge of the dances mentioned above.

All courses run with the following basic principles in mind… fun, exercise and a sense of achievement!  We of course want pupils to learn the correct steps and movements, but we are not expecting scores of 10s at the end of the course.  Our relaxed atmosphere is most effective when adults are learning a new skill.

We have 2-3 teachers in all our courses, so we can give that extra bit of help and support where needed.

Footwear: We suggest that ladies wear a low heel shoe which is not rubber soled.  Men should wear a leather sole shoe that is also not rubber.

Clothing: Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely move arms and legs in.

If you need any further information or wish to join a course, please contact us below.

We have classes on a Monday and Wednesday evenings.