What is Tap?

Tap is rhythm – rhythm is tap.

Its origins are many and varied. Americans claim its origin dates from the African Jazz age. The Irish stake their claim to the Jigs and Step Dancing. The English relate back to northern Clog Dancers but whichever one chooses to believe, Tap is as popular today as it was in the heyday of the great Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly musicals.

Tap dancing features in shows such as, 42nd Street and Crazy For You, and the more recently Stomp and Tap Dogs and therefore highlight the great diversities of style and music in tapping.

Our pupils are introduced to Tap from 3 years old in our ‘Intro to Dance’ class and then progress on through our exam syllabuses and even to adult class.

Special shoes are worn which create the sound.  Metal taps are attached to the underside of the shoe on the toe and heel area.  Pupils are taught how to use their ankles and feet to create the sound and movement required.  Tap however, is not just about the feet, it is a full body dance style which makes it popular for exercise.